International Transport of Human Remains

Considering the diverse community we serve, families long to have their relatives laid to rest in their homeland, alongside the ancestors who passed before them. Repatriation is a service that most funeral homes in the area do not offer or encourage because of the stringent security requirements involved. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has implemented strict security measures making repatriation services of loved ones more difficult, time consuming and costly for families.


In order for a funeral service provider to ship human remains nationally or international they must be a registered known shipper with one airline. Compagnola Funeral Home is a known shipper with all major airlines that service Philadelphia International Airport, as well as, all the major carriers in the tristate area. The TSA acknowledges known shippers are low risk and have passed safety inspections to allow human remains to be transported domestically or abroad.

Foreign consulates have specific requirements that must be satisfied before remains can be shipped. Before a funeral home can arrange transport of the deceased there are general documents that must be procured. All bodies transported must be accompanied by a Communicable Disease Affidavit, Embalmers Affidavit, Burial/Transfer Permit and Death Certificate. We have developed relationships with most of the consulates in the area and have the experience and knowledge to offer repatriation services without hesitation. Our network of affiliates enable us to provide families the following services:

  • Domestic and International Logistics
  • Consulate Documentation
  • Apostille Certification
  • Translation of all Pertinent Documents

Below are some basic costs to be used as a foundation for families wishing to send loves ones home. Airfare costs vary by airline and flight times change without notice. All family members will be given flight itineraries after the consulate approve our documents. Estimated costs for human remains to the following countries/commonwealths are as follows:


Puerto Rico

  • Estimated Airfare to San Juan cargo under 450 lbs - $898.00


  • Estimated Airfare to Sau Paulo, Brazil – $1441.00

Costa Rica

  • Estimated Airfare to San Jose, Costa Rica – $1275.00

Dominican Republic

  • Estimated Airfare to Santo Domingo/Santiago under 450lbs cargo – $1400.00
  • Consulate Fee - $160.00
  • Apostille - $60.00


  • Airfare to Mexico City cargo under 450lbs – $978.00
  • Translation of All Documents - $125.00


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