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A direct cremation is the most basic of services our mortuary can provide.  After a family choses to contract our funeral home, we start by obtaining complete list of vital information about the deceased.  This information allows us to secure permits and death certificates on the Department of Health's website.  Once we obtain permits from the state of Pennsylvania, we are able to contact the crematory and schedule the cremation.  Once we have the cremation scheduled, we coordinate transfers with staff and service providers and update family every step of the way via texts or phone calls.



 Please provide us the following information.

  1. Full Name of Deceased
  2. Date of birth
  3. Place of birth
  4. Social Security number
  5. Address
  6. Full name of the mother of deceased
  7. Full name of the father of the deceased
  8. Marital Status of deceased
  9. If legally married, please provide surviving spouse full legal name
  10. Type of Work and Industry
  11. Name and address of Informant (usually the next of kin, but not necessary)


Once we secure vital information, we would need next of kin to click the box below, print the document, and sign where it says "Signature of Authorizing Agent".  That cremation authorization can be faxed to us at 215 689 0830 or 215 324 0902.  


Authorization to Cremate


We will contact family members and discuss the next steps and finalize all further details.   


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