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Pearl Compagnola Marra fell ill and passed away at her family home in Easton, Pennsylvania. Her children and grandchildren were by her side as she took her final breath. A funeral home out of Phillipsburg, NJ was contacted by Pearl's brother and the undertaker arrived a short time after. His presence had a calming effect on the grieving relatives, his words were a testament to his professionalism. The one man who had control of an expected, yet overwhelming reality, was the funeral director.

Authur Andrew Compagnola, Jr still recalls when his grandmother was picked up by the funeral home. His interest in after-care can be traced back to that day. Andrew was not happy with the appearance of his grandmother during the visitation so he pestered the funeral director with questions. Satisfying the curiosity of his 10 yr old mind, he then developed a sincere interest into funeral service. After high school, he decided to pursue his interest and enrolled in the American Academy McAllister Institue of Funeral Science in New York City. He completed his studies and became licensed to practice funeral service in the State of New York and the state of New Jersey in June of 1971. His interest became his passion.

Andrew moved to Southern New Jersey with his wife, Margie and three children, Drew, Jess and Ross. He was first employed with Oliver Bair Funeral Home in Philadelphia, Pa. After a short period of time he accepted a position with Evoy Funeral Homes based out of Cape May, NJ. Andrew became the manager of Evoy's Haddon Heights location in 1976. His wife raised their children on the second floor of the mortuary and his kids were forced to juggle play time with visitation hours. Andrew's passion became his life.

In January of 1977, Andrew Compagnola became licensed to practice funeral service in the State of Pennsylvania. His work ethic and family support enabled him to conquer his dream. Compagnola Funeral Home first opened its doors to the community in 1979. Centrally located in Philadelphia, Andrew was a stranger to the neighborhood, handling only 12 cases his first year. Dedication to his profession and devotion to families served, Compagnola Funeral Home grew to one of the leading funeral service providers in Philadelphia. To expand his service, Andrew moved his operation just a couple blocks away to a larger facility located at 4405-07 North Fifth Street.

His children have grown up and decided to follow in their fathers foot steps. Drew and Ross have been saturated with the funeral industry before they could muster the strength to walk. The Compagnola Family does not employ an answering service to ensure that family phone calls will be answered by owners 24/7. The combined efforts of these three men will prove to set the standards of funeral service for years to come as our undertakers of yesterday did for our ancestors.


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