Why are funeral so expensive?

When compared to other major life events like childbirth or a wedding, funerals pale in comparison. A funeral home is 24/7 labor intensive facility complete with several staff members, equipment and vehicle that operate every single day of the calendar year. Funeral services are a customized event detailed with specific coordinated efforts from several parties. Many of the charges surrounding the funeral are not necessarily funeral home charges. When somebody says they spent $8,000 for a funeral, that may cover all cemetery charges, all vault charges, church fees, livery charges, newspaper notice, the cost of floral arrangements and maybe even the luncheon afterwards.

How can insurance help?

Final expenses are the sum of any and all expenses incurred after the death of a loved one. Funeral Insurance, also known as Burial Insurance and Final Expense Insurance, is a small life insurance policy designed to help offset any costs associated with the death of a family member. A burial insurance policy is the best vehicle to offset the cost of final expenses. It gives you the flexibility of small payments that will achieve a cash value in the future. That cash value will be used to cover all funeral related cost. Usually there is no blood work or medical exam if the amount of coverage is under $25,000.

Can we use a different funeral home?

Burial insurance policies are not always tied to a set of arrangement details with a specific funeral home. When a loved one passes away, the beneficiary will be able to follow the wishes of whom the policy insures. The proceeds of the insurance will allow the family to shop service providers at the time of need. Our funeral home will be here for decades to come, we would be honored if you decide to use our firm however we understand family decisions are not easy. Regardless of what funeral provider your family selects, please contact us with any questions related to final expense insurance. If you would like a free quote in seconds please give us a call.


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